Thursday, October 9, 2008

Yesterday's Shopping~

fyi* I found Target Anya bags already placed on the floor (LOVE NORTHGATE!) at one of my stops (Yes- I tried more than one... Lynnwood is just never on the ball). I could have danced with glee. I was walking around with 4 on my arm when I was complimented on my finds by a smiling Target employee- who also commented that she was buying the clutch to take out that night. The Target employee totally deserved a hug for the simple fact that she was not being sarcastic. I purchased three Anya bags just in case I went home and changed my mind, and have decided to keep The Spy looking bag- thought it turned out to be an over sized style.

My secret weakness besides Target right now is Grocery Outlet. If you haven't gone because it looked shady and weird- just do it. It is a trip but... It carries brand names, close outs, produce, dairy, frozen(thing cheap Lean Cuisines and Amy's Organic!), organic, pet items, seasonal items. In an effort to eat out of my cupboards and only supplement- yesterday I spent $13 and purchased: Kerry Gold reduced fat aged Irish cheddar, Vive conditioner, large package of turkey & whole wheat batter corn dogs, soy meatballs, Alexa's spinach & feta panko breaded chicken nuggets, & Dannon light yogurt drinks. Crazy* I love treasure hunting at a Grocery store. My best finds so far are a box of Luna bars(18 count?) for $5, a Spiderman lunch box for $4, and Pepperwood wine for $3.

I also shopped for the fun fun task of purchasing a new cellphone in between working out and the Grocery Outlet across the street. There is just too many phones online, and even after I crosscheck them with reviews at I am a little lost. I also have the dilemma of being tight with what I want to spend. Do I really need to be connected to the Internet 24-7 or do I need just a good flashy but basic phone? I need suggestions! T-Mobile stores are popping up everywhere and now there is one in my gym LA Fitness' parking lot... serious. I needed phone inspiration and I was happy that I wasn't tackled with "assistance" when walking in to T-Mobile, but let be to browse and ask questions when helpful. I was showed phones are every price point and even told to stay away from some phones (which matched perfectly with what I had read on*).

What a random day- but somehow typical... I am glad I am back at the gym daily it makes me centered and I have fun people to look at when working out* Plus, more healthy perspective and body for shopping.

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