Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Target Purses~

I love a good find. I have been hunting for the perfect statement leather purse for years now. To fill the void until that perfect purse comes around I pick things up here and there- places like Banana Republic, GAP, and Target. I have to admit I have a weakness for purses and the Target guest designer lines have been filling my need lately. In my wardrobe I have a cream Devi Kroell that I made into a clutch and a brown rossett Loellfler Randall clutch that I am always getting complements on. Currently, Target has Botiker- a brand that I have seen at downscaled version Saks in Seattle. I am truly stalking this gold purse in the Botiker line until it is on supersale. I just saw it drop online to $25 from $50. I hate how restrictive I have become lately- but the flow of excess is just not there anymore.
As of today, what I am really excited about it the guest purse line that Target is launching Oct. 12th (or earlier if you have one of the stores by you that puts things out early like mine does* Northgate Target loads thier designer displays on Fridays). It is by Anya Hindmarch and it looks like luxury. Most purses are at the $50 mark. My research today online told me that many stores who offers a early preview in NY sold out very quickly. I am a little anxious to get one. I do not want my desired bag hunt to be like my Rafe' experience of a couple years ago. I didn't buy the Rafe' Doctors Bag, offered in Black and Navy, and it is still selling on Ebay today for about $100.
Here are some examples of Anya Hindmarch guest Target line~
Two of the purses remind me of other famous designs- The Spy Bag by Fendi & The Shirley Bag by Anya Hindmarch that is sold on the famous British designers site for £575.00.

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