Monday, October 6, 2008

Shopping and Raviolis~

My weekend went much like expected and there was many things to smile at. On Saturday my boutique sale ended up being a pay to get in event so I headed to the Rack in hopes of finding some fabulous pieces to fill my shopping void. You never know when that perfect Diane Von Furstenberg dress for you can be found at discount. One can hope. When I headed home against the crazy abnormal but fun wind, that felt like a tunnel of spin, I had a bright blue Nordstrom Rack bag filled with stacked pointed black patent heels (A new little known house brand called StarLing- worn and refurbished), stacked red patent round toe shoes with a cork heel (you don't want to know who they are buy- she sings country now and her shoes are a guilty pleasure), and silver bullet looking Nikes to encourage my new workout groove. Mission accomplished! Being that I was in downtown Seattle, I thought a quick lunch in the market would be great but was met with lines of tourists, and headed back to my car empty handed. A emergency stop off at Metropolitan Foods for sushi happened on the way home because of my faint head. Sometime between starting my day at the gym and lounging watching a UFC match with a favorite new fight(Forrest) on Saturday, I also stopped by Archie McPhee in Ballard, and was a little disappointed. I couldn't really pinpoint what I expected the Seattle landmark store to be but was let down all the same. So much hype! I did discover that it would be a handy place for adding randoms to a Halloween costume. I am all sorts of excited about Halloween this year. I even kicked off my weekend with a quick trip to Target where I purchased a silver and black cobweb table runner that now serves as the center to my Halloween table scape. When you grow up not really celebrating Halloween it is fun to participate as an adult.

On Sundays I am usually always found at one time or another wandering the Ballard Market. On this weekend's trip, with Pumpkin Ravioli recipe in hand, I was lucky enough to find Sage at the only booth in the market offering it. Score*I also picked up a Pear from a small fruit stand from Cashmere. It had one smiling person working at it and it was fun to interact with him. I purchased the Pear to fulfill my lunch of pancakes with pears and an egg attempt. I came with the idea in the car after mentally combing my cupboard for lunch ideas without much needed purchase. As I anticipated, the pears were a perfect addition to my heart healthy pancakes and my egg was overcooked. I attempted to make an egg over easy and got egg over hard. Next time I will let it only be on the flipped side for 1 minute vs. 2-3 minutes. On a bright note the sage I picked up was the perfect addition to my sauce for the raviolis. I quartered the sauce so to only have as much as I needed, and found that it kept its consistency and was able to be reheated without solidifying or burning. I also added more peas then called for and found they paired nicely with the other taste elements. Fyi* I started the sauce about 3/4th of the way though cooking the raviolis since the recipe called for them to be cooked individually. I made 6 raviolis in totally for dinner that night and felt very full on that portion. The remainder of the filling I stored in Tupperware for version two this week. Upon seeing the results I decided that version two would be triangle style ravioli with a reduction in filling and only one won ton per pasta piece.

I also must note that on Sunday before my Pumpkin Ravioli dinner, I also browsed shops along Ballard Ave. when I stopped by the market. I love the vibe of Ballard on Sundays and it seemed like the perfect time to pop into little shops that are somewhat intimidation when there are not lots of people and business around. I was pleasantly surprised. I found-
Damslfly- a cute shop with clothing, baby items, purses, and knick-knacks
Camelion Design- an interiors store with great candles and ideas
There were a few others, but I was having so much fun smelling new candles for a me scent and looking at housewares to write their names down.


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