Thursday, October 16, 2008


I went to Jazz Alley in Seattle yesterday to celebrate a birthday. The thought of spending time with friends motivated me more to go then the aspect of listening to jazz. I was perfectly content to be there last night until my mind started to get consumed with thoughts of other jazz I had heard. As I sat in my seat not great moments of scat filled my head and I wondered what I had gotten myself into.

To my surprise the jazz singer, Jackie Ryan, made my night. She was engaging and filled with laughter. I kept starting at her copper colored dress and the silhouette of 50's bombshell that she was pulling off with grace. She sang slow, silly, Spanish, and traditional songs. Jackie even threw in a blues song at the end. I was happy that before every song she introduced who it was written by and the reasoning behind the lyrics. This style of introduction was the education I needed. Throughout the night I found myself smiling without thought, tapping my feet, and moving along to the music and vibe of every song. I truly enjoyed my immersion in jazz. I have a feeling I will be back.

This fun night has prompted me to remember music that many years ago I stopped listening to. Diana Krall, Norah Jones, & India Arie to name a few. Music that is not about fancy beats that you can listen to or clever lyrics, but music that is about the soul of the art. Music has such an impact on mood and thoughts. I will be paying more attention to what I am listening to purposely from this moment on.

As I left Jazz Alley, the rain was pouring and a chill was blowing through Seattle. With my lifted spirits and Seattle required Northface I didn't even really notice. I walked to my car in the 4+ inch heels, that thought made my outfit work, with my head bowed due to rain and was content.

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