Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Reflections of a Year~

I know this will look a lot like my previous post, but it is a little more in depth and made me think more. I stole this from Trying to Heal because I really liked it- I believe that she found it on another blog as well :)

It took me a while to come up with answers and for some categories that really made me sad/frightened/confused? I've had a good year. I am not trying to get doom and gloom on you- It just has been a challenging one- and I am still growing from and through it*

4 favorite memories from 2008:
1. Going to VEIL and Matt’s in the Market for my first solo meals
2. Going to Dave Matthew’s concert and having worries magically slip away to the music
3. Working at Nordstrom
4. Having two of my favorite boys home for Thanksgiving

4 favorite movies (that i saw) in 2008:
1. Juno
2. The House Bunny
3. Nick & Nora
4. Pineapple Express

4 favorite foods in 2008:
1. Tofu
2. Greek Yogurt
3. LARA Bars
4. Brussels Sprouts

4 places i loved in 2008:
1. Chelan, WA
2. Fremont (Seattle), WA
3. The waterfront anywhere or parks in WA
4. Seattle, WA

4 events i loved in 2008:
1. Searched for and accepted a job in the business world
2. Moved into a amazing apartment
3. Seattle Yelp.com events and Warren Report free movie screenings
4. Not letting the fact that I am alone stop me from doing anything

4 things i liked in 2008:
1. Became consistent about the gym and workouts
2. Added weightlifting back into the workout schedule
3. Discovered blogging and blogs
4. Went to a real concert (Kings of Leon!) and ate at restaurants on my to do list

4 things i am looking forward to in 2009:
1. Paying down debt
2. Running more 5k’s and the Seattle ½ Marathon
3. Trying new restaurants
4. Moving? to another country?


goooooood girl said...

your blog is very fine......

Anonymous said...

Love your four favorite movies. Thug life! lol

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