Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Recap~

I found this set of questions on another blog and was intrigued- Here are the questions with my answers ~

2008 Questionnaire:
Biggest Overall Accomplishment of the year: Working Multiple Jobs, ½ Marathon, Changing careers Biggest

Overall Challenge of the year: Eating Disorder highs and lows, Depression, Money issues!!, Changing careers, multiple jobs, keeping integrity and morals

Best Food Discovery of the year: Tofu, Brussels Sprouts, LARA bars, sweet potato fries, natural coconut and banana Popsicles

Favorite purchase of the year: trip to Victoria BC, new flour del les bedspread, tons of clothes from Nordstrom- favs- being the Diane Von Furstenberg strapless colorblock dress, BCBG girls cream large print snakeskin shoes, ed hardy cut off yoga pants

How old you turned in 2008: 25

Greatest Fitness Achievement: Adding weights back into the regime, becoming consistent with workout frequency, changing working out into a get stronger and leaner mentality vs. get skinny to impress mentality- I can have large muscles!

Thing(s) to work on in 2009: Emotional eating, not accepting disrespectful behavior from others, valuing myself, being open, not feeling unaccomplished, saving money, travel more

Most Memorable Meal!? French Julia Child themed coursed dinner at Art of the Table in WA and Italian themed coursed meal with pork belly at How to Cook a Wolf in WA

What are your answers?

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Anonymous said...

Very cool questionnaire. I am sad for you it took you until 2008 to discover sweet potato fries, but welcome to the club! Also, congrats on the newly developed large muscles. Unfortunately those are the one thing on my body that are still quite petite=)