Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I leave Thursday for my next great adventure. I am moving from Seattle to Oahu... for a couple months... then Virgina?...then? In packing and meeting with people it seems that the topic change and how I am moving forward keeps coming up. Is it OK to not know? I think I am overwhelmed but quite able to fulling wrap myself around the feeling- numb is more like it. In the last couple months my fiance has come home from war, my brother has gone back to school, my mother has moved out of my childhood home clear across the state, and my Grandmother died. I think I am just vaguely floating- if that makes sense?

I am excited from the Oahu sun and being with the one I love. I am excited for the Oahu farmer's markets. I am excited for fruits & vegetables and finally getting back to making a meal and baking. I am also excited that McDonald on Oahu has Huapia baked pies (don't judge!). At 27, I think I am ready to have what would be considered a "normal" routine. Marriage here I come...

My biggest concern right now is how to get both my suitcases under 50 pounds- hard... I know!

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